These Terms and Conditions (Terms of service/use) govern your use of our website www.gaadilicence.com. Please read these Terms and Conditions carefully and clearly before you use the services on our website. You cannot use the services on the website if you do not agree to these Terms and Conditions.


  • GaadiLicence is not associated with any of the Driving schools or the Regional Transport offices(RTO); we are just a connecting platform that makes it easier for the public to obtain various services.
  • GaadiLicence doesn't collect any commission/charges from the customer for the services provided.
  • GaadiLicence provides listings and bookings of driving schools based on location and their quality services, where customers can book the required training online.
  • The timings of the driving schools are made provisional. In case the driving school is wrapped up with another customer at the same time that you have selected, then an alternate timing or a different driving school should be selected.
  • GaadiLicence is not responsible for any loss of valuable belongings during the service period.
  • GaadiLicence is not responsible for any damage caused by the customer to the vehicles during the training period and the customer should take full responsibility for it.
  • Customers are advised not to give any documents to the driving schools if you have already uploaded them on our website. We assure you that your documents will be safe with us.
  • Cancellations are strictly not possible if the service process has been initiated.
  • Any cancellations should be done by calling out customer support at 9743727332 or write to us at support@gaadilicence.com


  • Customers who opt for 2W/4W training can select up to three time slots as per their convenience, and a slot will be allocated by the driving school among those chosen by the customer.
  • In case any driving schools deny giving the service due to reasons like driver/car unavailability, driving school is closed, etc., then an alternate driving school will be provided by us.
  • Any requirement of extra classes for driving may incur extra charges depending on the driving school.
  • Change is car type may lead to extra charges.
  • Pick up and drop facility might be unavailable due to certain reasons or by denial of service from driving school due to improper roads or poor connectivity. Pick up and drop facility might lead to extra charges depending on location.
  • GaadiLicence takes no responsibility for
  • Vehicle condition
  • Slot allocated to you from those chosen
  • Delay of services
  • Driving instructor behavior
  • But, the above problems can be reported to us and we will look at the issue and try to resolve it as soon as possible. In case of any misbehavior from the driving school or the driving instructors, report it to us immediately and action will be taken against them (after a detailed report is given to GaadiLicence).
  • Once GaadiLicence connects the customer with the driving school, it's their responsibility to stay in contact with the respective driving school and get the services done. Denial of any service from the driving school can be reported to us.
  • GaadiLicence is not responsible for any injury caused to the student during the training period.
  • Once the training starts, it is the student's responsibility to complete the training schedule and if any kind of break is required in between, it needs to be communicated to the driving school.
  • Customers should carry their LL (Learners' Licence) during the training session and it is advised not to get trained unless the LL has been issued to you.
  • We are not responsible for the amount paid to the service provider (Driving School) before the LL test. We advise customers to pay the full amount on the day of the LL test, if not paid online.
  • GaadiLicence does not guarantee the availability of the selected vehicle while booking, however, after the booking of the preferred vehicle we check the availability with the selected service provider (Driving School) and send you a re-confirmation message regarding the same. In case of unavailability, a different vehicle, time/date, or service provider should be selected which may lead to a change in the price.
  • In case the customer fails the LL/DL test, GaadiLicence is not responsible and no amount paid is refundable. In such cases, the customer has to appear for the respective tests and pay the extra costs adding to it.
  • Customers should compulsorily be 18 years of age or above, should not be physically challenged and should have a good vision to obtain the driving license. In case you fail to comply and still appear for the test, suitable action will be taken by the transport department.


  • The time period for RTO services is as indicated by the Transport Department of Karnataka. The actual time period may vary for RTO services due to some circumstances like delay in approval from the verifying official, no proper documents, inappropriate details provided by the customers or any technical problems at the RTO.
  • In case the documents related to the service required are not uploaded initially, customer must directly submit the documents to the service provider. Documents uploaded online are sent to RTO for verification.
  • GaadiLicence is not responsible for any delay in service from the RTO; however, we take full responsibility if the work is delayed from the service provider and solve it as soon as possible.
  • For RTO services, the price may change due to penalty/taxes or other charges from the Regional Transport Office and has to be paid by the customer itself.
  • Required documents are mandatory and should be valid.


  • This service is only for customers with a valid driving licence and for those who need to brush up their skill to gain confidence in different areas of driving.
  • Customers opting for a personal instructor for 4-wheeler or 2-wheeler training must mandatorily have the following: 

             *Valid driving licence (DL) 

             *Own vehicle(Non-commercial/Whiteboard)

             *RC card of the vehicle

             *Valid insurance 

             *Emission test certificate

  • Our personal driving instructor will only train customers having a non-commercial vehicle.
  • Our personal driving instructor can deny training, in case the car is a commercial one (yellow board), if documents are missing, or for any other valid reason. In such a situation, there will be no refund from our side to the customer.
  • GaadiLicence is not responsible for any damage/accident that occurs while training; customers hold sole responsibility.
  • In case of any damage to the vehicle while the instructor is driving, then they are responsible for the damages. If the problem is not resolved, it should be reported immediately to us by calling our customer support line. We will try to resolve it.
  • GaadiLicence is not responsible for any time delay that occurs due to unforeseen circumstances throughout the duration of the training.
  • Customers are advised not to pay any extra money to the instructor and if they demand extra charges, please report it by calling our customer support.
  • In case you want to extend your training period, extra charges will be applicable, and we require you to place a call to GaadiLicence informing us about the same.
  • We advise you to make payments for extra duration only after informing us. Any payments made without our knowledge shall not be considered, and we will not be held responsible for it.
  • Any rescheduling of the service should be done a minimum of 12 hrs before the selected service time.


  • Payments made online on our website are paid to the service provider for the services you selected.
  • GaadiLicence does not charge extra convenience or internet handling fees to the customer.
  • The remaining amount excluding the amount paid online on our website should be paid to the respective service provider and should be informed to a GaadiLicence personnel.
  • Full amount should be paid to the service provider when you appear for the LL (Learners' Licence) test, if not paid online.
  • If any extra classes are taken for training, it will lead to extra costs which should be paid to the respective service provider directly and should be informed to a GaadiLicence personnel.
  • Customers must mandatorily pay an advance of 10% online to confirm the service booking. Remaining amount must be paid to the service provider during the start of the process.
  • Customers must pay the complete amount for Personal Driving Instructor service online.
  • The price indicated w.r.t RTO services may change due to reasons like revision in prices, tax, and fines imposed by the RTO etc. The customer has to bear the excess amount in case there are any and Gaadilicence.com is not responsible for it.
  • All your payments are 100% secure as we use a 256-bit secure gateway.
  • For any cancellations/refund related issues, please go through our refund policy.


  • For Personal Instructor service, there will be a 100% refund, if the service is cancelled at least 12 hrs in advance of the booked date/time.
  • For Personal Instructor service, there is no refund in case the customers don’t follow the terms and conditions given above.
  • For 4W&2W training service, there is 100% refund in case the LL process is not initiated by the service provider. 
  • In case the service process (LL) has already started then there will be no refund.
  • Any cancellations of training after LL test is not possible and the amount is not refundable. However, the customer can postpone the training up to a month after the LL is obtained.
  • For RTO and training service, there is 100% refund in case the service process is not initiated by the service provider.
  • In case the RTO service process has already started, there will be no refund.
  • Cancellation after the service date is strictly not possible under any circumstances.
  • Any cancellations or changes in the booking before the selected date must be done by calling us at our customer support number or writing to us at support@gaadilicence.com
  • All refunds will be made to your bank account directly.
  • The processing of refunds usually takes time as mentioned below:

        *7-10 business days for Debit Cards, Net Banking, and Credit Cards

        *5-10 business days if paid through e-wallet.