About us


Problems are aplenty, and the mind to work towards a solution is what matters.

This is what drove us to work towards a solution for problems we came across quite often; the inconveniences involved in booking nearby professional driving schools, the poor safety practices on the roads, and the quality of driving. 

Most driving schools put forward unreasonable prices, provide only average training, or the timings don't match. Most of us face these problems but are forced to give in and agree to their terms. 

There is no such unified platform whose goal is to provide the common man with access to a range of driving school and training options.

GaadiLicence aims to be that trusted platform for you! 

Booking driving schools, personal driving instructors and RTO services made hassle-free. You give us your requirements, and we give you your options. You choose, and we deliver. 

Our customer is our foremost priority, and you can trust that our services will fulfill your needs,100%! 

Making driving a necessity, not a luxury.